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Selling Property

Realise that first impressions really DO count!

It's never too early to start making a good impression. Your property may be stunning inside but if the outside doesn't look great you will certainly jeopardize your chances of that quick sale. Look at your property from the road? How does it compare to other properties nearby? As you walk to your front door, does every element of your property look cared for and well maintained….be honest with yourself, even ask a couple of friends for their honest opinions on how to improve the property?

If your property is a pool villa make sure the gardens and pathway leading to the entrance door are always well maintained and clean and that the pool is clean and free from leaves. If you have children make sure you remove any ‘pool toys’, if the prospective buyers have no children they probably define the pool area as one of quiet and relaxation.

It’s also as well that you arrange for the children to be with friends whilst any viewings are taking place, it’s very difficult for buyers to take a perspective of your property whilst half a dozen children are running around.

Clean your property from top to bottom, inside and out!

And then do your best to keep it clean and tidy until sold. Cleaning costs little here in Thailand so if you don’t fancy doing it yourself bring in a team of cleaners, it's well worth the money.
If your property stands head and shoulders above your competition, you'll be the first to sell.


Get rid of the clutter and every room in your property will look bigger - just what they want!

Not only is it an essential part of presentation for a quick property sale but it's also the best way to mentally prepare for your move. Don't be surprised if at first you find de-cluttering tough. We would urge you to persevere because you'll be rewarded with more money in your pocket and less worry on your mind. Throw away (or donate) as much as possible and then throw away some more.
After this, look again at your cupboards and other storage areas - Are they full to bursting? Ideally, cupboards and storage areas should not be more than 75% full. Serious buyers will look inside your cupboards. If there isn't enough storage for you, they'll assume there isn't enough for them.

Finish any DIY and catch-up on routine maintenance!

This is self-explanatory!
A well maintained property screams out that it's "well cared for", a desirable attribute that buyers will pick-up on. Remember all buyers mentally reduce the price of your property every time they see a problem that needs fixing. So, for a quick sale, at the best price all bodged or unfinished DIY projects need to be made good (preferably by a professional).

De-personalise your property!

This is a very powerful selling tip and will definitely help you to sell your property quickly it's one of the secrets behind the effectiveness of developer’s show home unit’s.
Buyers will fall in love with your property when they can imagine themselves living there (when they can imagine your’s as their own). It can't be done with evidence of you or your family everywhere, that's why show home unit’s are always anonymous. You'll never see a family portrait or anything personal.

Here's what you do to make your property look lived-in without looking like anyone actually lives there. Pack away into storage:

  • All family photos
  • Holiday souvenirs
  • Trophies & certificates
  • Children's artwork

Buyers do not want to buy your home. They want to buy your property and then make it their home!

Go neutral!

This is probably the most important factor in selling your property quickly and continues the idea of "de-personalising" your property. It really is the key to pulling-off a quick sale! Colour is very much a personal thing - one person's harmonious ‘luminous red’ colour scheme is another's crime against humanity. Don't let differences in personal taste affect your sale. Take colour out of the equation all together. It's cheap to do, just paint your walls a neutral colour (something like time tested Magnolia….yes I know but it works well!). Repainting boldly coloured or highly individualised interiors to something blander is the most cost-effective way to add value to your property! Rooms will immediately appear bigger and brighter (major selling points). You'll also create a blank canvas. This helps buyers to project positive visions of what their life could be like in the house - part of the process of "falling for" a property. Contrasting furnishings, again in neutral colour and style, will help to quickly ‘seal a deal’, modern light toned Thai-Bali style furnishings are generally accepted by most people as by far the most appealing.

Define the use of each room!

While living in a property the use of certain rooms can become blurred over time, for example:

  • The lounge becomes part office.
  • The spare bedroom becomes a storage room.
  • The dinning room becomes the kids play area.

If this has happened in you’re your property, think about converting these rooms back to their original use. This makes sound financial sense and helps you sell for more because certain rooms hold a greater perceived value than others, for example:

  • Buyers perceive bedrooms to be worth more than offices.
  • Buyers perceive dinning rooms to be worth more than playrooms.

This is now also a good opportunity to make your property look bigger.
Remove all the old non-neutral furniture (and other items) that isn't essential to the function of the room. This will free up a lot of valuable floor space. If possible, it may be useful to visit a developer’s show home unit.
You'll see for your self the minimum amount of furniture needed to define the use of a room and achieve a quick sale. Aim for this because at the end of the day, space sells!

Eliminate bad odours!

We won't go on about this but:

  • Cooking
  • Smoking
  • Pets
  • Damp
  • Blocked drains
  • All produce odour’s that turn-off buyers - get rid of them!
  • Finally, don't forget to air your house often while it's on the market.

Remember that first impression’s DO count!