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Protection for your Thailand home and your Healthcare.

Home insurance and medical healthcare insurance are often overlooked and they are extremely important if you are considering buying property and living in Thailand.

Health Insurance

If you are considering relocating to Thailand it is strongly advisable to research the various Medical and Healthcare Insurance policies that are available offering excellent value for money, from several reputable companies.

This is an extremely important and sometimes overlooked issue. Even if you are in good health now it really does make sense to take out your own health insurance whilst living in Thailand. There are a number of really top hospitals here in Pattaya with world class medical facilities but these can work out very expensive if a serious illness occurs. There are different types and levels of cover available, ask our staff for further details. You may be pleasantly surprised at the low cost and level of cover available to you.

Home Insurance

When you have moved into your new home, it is strongly advised to obtain insurance to protect your investment. So how much coverage should you have on your new home? What does a basic policy cover? What happens if there is a fire? The level of coverage of Home Insurance policies here in Thailand is not as comprehensive as those available in Europe etc. but they do offer good value for money.Premiums can vary depending upon the size of your home, features, location, and construction e.g. security system, fences, keyed locks on all windows and doors etc. Be sure to maintain your home i.e. check for loose roof tiles, electrical fittings, plumbing, wiring etc. Also note that some insurance policies in Thailand don't cover against "Acts of God", such as lightning, hail, earthquakes and floods etc. You should always keep receipts for major purchases and detailed inventory records wherever possible for insurance purposes. Please ask our staff for further information on coverage and premiums.