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Foreign Currency Transfer

Pattaya Jomtien Property are delighted to be now working as an affiliate office with FC Exchange, one of the UK's major foreign currency exchange brokers, offering another additional and highly beneficial free service available to anyone, of any nationality and is not just limited to our own clients.

FC Exchange is a trading name of Foreign Currency Exchange Company Limited (5452483), a leading UK and international payment provider, based in the City of London, with further satellite offices around the world. Working on similar principles to those of your insurance broker, FC Exchange source out the best possible exchange rates available for your foreign currency transfer, rates that your high street bank will never offer you.

Their clients include private individuals purchasing property and sending regular payments abroad, as well as large businesses with complex currency exchange requirements. FC Exchange buy currency at wholesale rates directly from the market, which are generally not available to individuals, rates that would not be possible to obtain from the high street banks and then pass these savings on to the clients. They are passionate about providing a simple, straightforward service, deliver any currency, bought or sold, accurately and on time. Their principal clearing bank is Lloyd's TSB where they hold segregated client accounts in order to guarantee safety of client funds.

Opening an account with FC Exchange is simple, takes just a few minutes, and is free to do with no obligation to trade, providing you with the facility to simply call and secure the best exchange rates. Upon receiving your registration form, they'll confirm your identity and undertake anti-laundering verification checks, as required by UK law. If you're unable to meet the accepted benchmark, though, or you reside outside of the UK, you may be asked to provide supporting documentation as evidence of identify and proof of address.

Once your funds are cleared and received, FC Exchange will send on your currency to the stipulated destination by priority international transfer. Confirmation is then provided by their principle bankers at Lloyds TSB that your transaction is complete.

Additionally FC Exchange do not charge any commissions or transfer fees on most foreign currency transfer transactions (if under £10,000 a flat fee of £10 applies, all transactions above this figure are free).

This foreign currency transfer service is available for all customers worldwide, not just for those based in the UK. Be it for transferring money to purchase property, sending regular payments, sending money to other countries or repatriating funds back to Europe.

Before you transfer money using a high street bank, take time to contact us, without any obligation whatsoever , to find what exchange rate is available with FC Exchange, helping you save money with safe, secure and fast international money transfers.

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Affiliate Office: Pattaya Jomtien Property
Affiliate Code: IA2132PJP